Why PSD to HTML by Digital Order Technology?


Pixel Perfect

We create pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion ensuring that your website has perfect alignment. We perform every step in a precise manner from slicing to manual coding to preserve the quality

SEO Semantic Coding

We write SEO semantic code which boosts your website’s performance in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Easy to Integrate with any CMS

Our code is fully commented, handwritten and well structured. We follow the best coding practices which makes it easily integratabtle with any CMS

Browser Compatibility

Our HTML templates look great on all modern web browsers and devices. We thoroughly test our projects on real browsers and devices

Mobile Device Compatibility

We create Mobile Friendly websites that appear well on all devices

Any CSS Framework

Our team is proficient in all CSS Frameworks. Just let us know which framework you need and we'll use it.


We take advantage of modern CSS preprocessors - SASS and LESS to streamline the web development process, allowing us to create reusable and standardized code.

Well Structured

We create a clean, well-structured, and well-commented code that is easy to read and maintain. Using the best coding habits, we ensure to deliver lucid HTML markups with proper structure.

Optimized for load speed

We optimize images, CSS, HTML code, and other resources to make sure that loading speed is enhanced that will beef up your website’s performance. It will also help your site’s SEO.

Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.0)

If you need your content to be more accessible to people with disabilities, we’ve got it covered. We'll cover all WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 requirements and checklists.

Custom Form Elements

Custom form elements are crucial for elegant and functional forms. We use the best practices for all custom elements like: select boxes, radio and check buttons.

Retina Display Ready

Your website will look sharper and smoother with our Retina ready design